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Now on View: Portrait of President-Elect Donald J. Trump

January 13, 2017
Retrato de la fotografía de Donald Trump en un traje y lanzando una manzana en el aire.  El fondo es el cielo azul con nubes.
Donald J. Trump / de Michael O’ Brien / impresión de tinta, 1989 (impresa en 2011) / Galería Nacional de Retratos, Instituto Smithsonian / regalo de Bill y Sally Wittliff / © Michael O'Brien

The Portrait Gallery recognizes the incoming chief executive with a portrait of the incoming president of the United States, on view during the inaugural month. Michael O’Brien’s 1989 photograph shows President-elect Donald J. Trump tossing an apple with his right hand. The image was used on the cover of Trump’s second book, Trump: Surviving at the Top and added to the museum’s collection in 2011. 

Throughout his career, O’Brien has worked for Esquire, Life, the New York Times Sunday Magazine, and National Geographic, among other publications. Well known for his portraiture and documentary photography, he has photographed presidents and personalities from different fields. His work is in the permanent collections of several museums around the country. 

Because of Trump’s prominence in several fields, the museum has four works in the collection representing the president-elect. 

For the previous two presidential inaugurations, the Portrait Gallery displayed the original artwork for Barack Obama’s Hope poster, designed by Shepard Fairey and Chuck Close’s jacquard tapestry portrait in January 2013.

The portrait is temporarily installed in a prominent location in the museum’s first floor in honor of the inauguration. The last day to see it will be Feb. 26.

Donald Trump portrait in the museum galleries, underneath sign saying "Inauguration 2017: Donald J. Trump"


What is the proper etiquette/timing for removing current office photos of the President, VP, etc., from government office walls, and when will photos of the new Administration be distributed to federal offices for hanging on the wall?

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