Retrato pintado de George Washington con la mano extendida

George Washington (Retrato Lansdowne) / óleo sobre lienzo, 1796 / Galería Nacional de Retratos, Instituto Smithsonian; adquirido como regalo a la nación a través de la generosidad de la Fundación Donald W. Reynolds

America’s Presidents

Reopened Sep 22, 2017 after renovation
Segundo piso

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After 18 months of careful conservation and analysis, Gilbert Stuart’s “Lansdowne” portrait of George Washington is back on view in the newly refurbished “America’s Presidents” gallery. In addition to changing the physical space of the presidential exhibition (improved lighting, paint, etc.) the Portrait Gallery has also enhanced the visitor’s experience through new labels, wall texts, and the addition of interactive touch screens that will allow people to explore the context of each presidency and access other visual material. A new website will accompany the permanent installation and a new edition of the museum’s book of presidential imagery will be published. This reimagining of the presidential portraits is a major undertaking that will confirm the installation as one of the major attractions at the Portrait Gallery.

“Presidentes Estadounidenses” se encuentra en el mismo corazón de la misión del museo de contar la historia estadounidense a través de las personas que han construido el país. Muestra varias imágenes de los últimos 44 presidentes estadounidenses, comenzando con Washington y continuando hasta Barack Obama. Se les presta más atención a seis presidentes debido a su impacto significativo en el cargo: George Washington, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt y Ronald Reagan.

If you visit the exhibition download the free SMARTIFY mobile app for a self-guided audio tour of America's Presidents.  Tours are available in English and Spanish.
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