Un grupo de visitantes observando un retrato de Marian Anderson

Programas de acceso

Vista de los retratos

Experience the National Portrait Gallery's collection through vivid verbal descriptions and tactile objects. Geared towards visitors who are blind or partially sighted, these 60-minute gallery talks are offered one Thursday and Saturday a month. Topics change monthly. 

Thursday gallery talks are walk-in; Saturday talks require email registration at NPGAccess@si.edu 48 hours in advance.  Meet at the G Street entrance.

Upcoming dates:

  • Thursday, February 15 at 2 pm;  Saturday, February 17 at noon
  • Thursday, March 15 at 2pm;  Saturday, March 17 at noon
  • Thursday, April 19 at 2pm;  Saturday, April 21 at noon

Note:  On Thursdays, come for the afternoon! Portrait InSight is followed at 3:30 by America InSight, a verbally described tour in the American Art Museum. Then, at 5:00, head to the Courtyard for Take 5!

Rótulos de los retratos

Explore the National Portrait Gallery's collection with a Deaf gallery educator. Sixty-minute walk-in gallery talks in American Sign Language are offered one Thursday and Saturday a month. Topics change monthly.

Saturday talks are voice-interpreted into English so that all may attend.  Meet at the G Street entrance.

Upcoming dates:

  • January 25 at 5:00 pm and January 27 at noon
  • February 22 at 5:00 pm and February 24 at noon

See Me at the Portrait Gallery:

A Program for Adults with Dementia and their Care-partners

Experience an interactive tour of the museum that is tailored to individuals with dementia and their care partners. Registration is required. For more information and to register, contact Ashley Grady at Access@si.edu or 202–633–2921.

Upcoming dates: (all programs are from 2:00 — 3:30 pm)

  • March 13
  • April 10
  • May 8
  • June 12
  • July 10

Portrait Story Days in ASL

A Program for Children and their Families

Join a Deaf educator for a story about a famous person told in American Sign Language, then complete a special art project. The program is free, but please register at NPGAccess@si.edu.

Voice interpretation into English will be provided.

Upcoming dates: (all programs are on a Saturday from 10:30 – 11:30 am)

  • February 24
  • March 24
  • April 28
  • May 26

Solicitudes especiales de recorridos

Los recorridos se pueden adaptar para satisfacer las necesidades, los intereses y las habilidades de su grupo.   Para hacer programaciones, comuníquese a través del correo electrónico NPGAccess@si.edu o 202-633-8506.

Programas para estudiantes

Los programas para estudiantes en la Galería Nacional de Retratos pueden acomodar a una variedad de alumnos, incluidos los estudiantes con visión limitada o ceguera, discapacidades cognitivas o de desarrollo, y aquellos que requieren interpretación en ASL. Para reservar un programa para su clase, diríjase a la página de registro en línea y proporcione toda la información posible en los cuadros de texto relevantes.