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  • African American man with his chin resting on his crossed hands

    Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.

    April 4, 2018 - April 17, 2018

    The Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery celebrates the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. by displaying his likeness by Jack Lewis Hiller. The photograph will be on view beginning April 4 to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the influential civil rights leader and Nobel Peace Prize recipient’s assassination.

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  • Wonam in a white pantsuit and white beret on a chaise lounge

    Marlene Dietrich: Vestida para la Imagen

    16 de junio de 2017 - 15 de abril de 2018
    Segundo piso

    Marlene Dietrich brought androgyny to the silver screen through her roles in such movies as Morocco (1930) and Seven Sinners (1940).

    Marlene Dietrich: Dressed for the Image was organized in cooperation with Deutsche Kinemathek – Marlene Dietrich Collection Berlin.
    This exhibition has been made possible through the generous support of Tom L. Pegues and Donald A. Capoccia.  Additional support received from the American Portrait Gala Endowment.

    Image: Marlene Dietrich on the SS Europa, 1933, Cherbourg, France / Paul Cwojdzinski / 1933, Photograph / Marlene Dietrich Collection Berlin, Deutsche Kinemathek, Berlin, Germany


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  • Young soldier in fatigues looking tired and worn and directly at the camera

    El Rostro de la Batalla: Estadounidenses en Guerra, desde el 11/9 hasta la Actualidad

    Del 7 de abril de 2017 al 28 de enero de 2018
    Primer piso

    The Face of Battle: Americans at War, 9/11 to Now explores and assesses the human costs of ongoing wars through portraiture. 

    Image: Afghanistan, Korengal Valley, Kunar Province, 2007. Lieutenant Piosa / Tim Hetherington / 2007 (printed 2016), Pigmented inkjet print / Courtesy Tim Hetherington Trust


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  • Brzone sculpture of Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney

    Jo Davidson: Biógrafo en bronce

    July 1, 2006 - November 5, 2017
    Segundo piso

    Exhibición de catorce retratos en bronce y terracota, realizados por el reconocido escultor estadounidense Jo Davidson entre 1908 y 1946. Incluye representaciones de Gertrude Stein, Franklin D. Roosevelt, el artista John Marin y Lincoln Steffens.

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  • Sarah Huckleberry sitting cross legged on floor and arranging small sticks of wood

    IDENTIFY Sandy Huckleberry

    Performing KNOW on October 28, 2017 at 4p.m.

    Internationally-recognized performance artist Sandy Huckleberry is known for thoughtful, meditative performances that draw attention to the space in which they occur and the relationship between the audience and the performer.

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  • Plaster bust of George Washington

    Instalación temporal de Presidentes Estadounidenses

    Desde el 24 de marzo de 2017 hasta el 04 de septiembre de 2017
    Segundo piso

    While the regular gallery space is being refurbished and updated, “America’s Presidents” will be temporarily installed in the west gallery on the second floor through Sept. 4.

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  • pastel sketch of a man in a suit

    Celebrate: John F. Kennedy

    Portrait on view May 19, 2017 - July 9, 2017
    Primer piso

    The National Portrait Gallery joins the nationwide celebration of the life and legacy of President John F. Kennedy on the centennial of his birth.

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